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"The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey" / A Review

Let me start off by telling you that like many other people, I too was waiting for what felt like a lifetime to see this movie.
And yet I felt almost sick when I entered the cinema yesterday evening. I was so tense, so nervous, so desperately hoping that I will love it, and that the feelings I started having in 2001 would come back to me all over again.
It's only natural that in all those years of waiting & hoping, you are bound to have expectations that will be impossible to meet.
I tried to prepare myself for that; keeping in mind that the experiences I had with „The Lord of the Rings“ will never be repeatable. It was a truely magical time, and the same magic never happens twice.
So what I wanted from „The Hobbit“ was not a repeat, but an addition. A different path back into the fictional world I love the most, and have loved for almost half of my life now.

And what can I say?
Peter, Philippa and Fran did it!
It was not perfect, it was not everything I hoped for, but boy, did it feel good to watch!!

From many critics I read the complain that the atmosphere seemed off somehow, not LotR-y enough.
Those people need to understand that „The Hobbit“ takes place in a different time; and by acknowledging that, LotR itself reaches an even deeper level through the new movie(s).

What „The Hobbit“ shows us is not an end-of-all-things apocalyptic Middle-Earth. But it is infact the Middle-Earth the Fellowship is trying to save 60 years later. And that is a part of Tolkiens world – with the big exception of The Shire - we haven't seen in Lord of the Rings before.

We've seen Rivendell in its last days, with all its people leaving for the west.
We've seen Rohan burning and with a poison-minded King.
We've seen Gondor weak, grey and with no King at all.
And the only glimpse we've seen of the kingdom of the dwarves was the grave that is Moria.

But now „The Hobbit“ makes us see the world how it was during the long peace; and how it shall be again after the War of the Ring.
Life is joyful, it's a bit safer, it's simply not that dark yet and that is how it should be! I imagine that when in 2014 we have all 6 movies to watch, we will clearly see the transformation of Middle-Earth that goes hand in hand with the rise of Sauron.

So while for example the dinner scene in Rivendell, with the musical elves and all, seems a bit awkward at first, I quickly accepted it! Life used to be good in Rivendell and damn well I enjoy seeing that!

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because wherever you go I will follow

Since so many of you are moving, I gave in and started to get myself cozy on Dreamwidth.
You can find me here:
I actually did create that account back in 2009 already, so noone else could get my username.

I'm not sure how I will do it yet; crossposting or not... idk xD
I will absolutely still be chilling around here tho too, commenting and everything, so no worries.

What I also decided is that I won't import all of this journal onto there, because I kinda like the idea of a fresh start :D
And lets be real, 90% of the content here isn't really worth ~saving forever~ LOL


Ohh, I was doing my user info, and wanted to play around with font sizes and colors a bit, but somehow the usual html codes are not working?! (although the picture does show up) Anyone knows what I'm doing wrong?

I also hate that I don't have a shiny layout yet, need to work on that asap.

P.S.: If you happen to be in any major fandoms I'm in at the moment, feel very free to also follow me on tumblr:
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I had the most wonderful epic flawfree fantastic 3 days at Ring*Con last weekend.

The guest list this year included boys & girls from Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Legend of the Seeker, Vampire Diaries & True Blood. And they were all pretty damn sensational.

My fave guest probably was Craig Horner.
It was his first convention ever; and his first time in Europe, and he was super-cute and adorable and had a huge grin on his face from the very first minute to the last.
When I went to have my picture with him signed, he took my hand into both of his hands, and kept caressing it during our entire conversation, ending every sentence to me with Sweetheart & Honey... this guy definitely knows how to make his female fans happy *haha*

Billy Boys & Sean Astin were ... something else <3 Very emotional panels. Billy sang "Pippin's Song" which he has NEVER done at a Convention before; and Sean read out of the Lord of the Rings, the ~~end of all things~~ part! Serious case of tears in my eyes at that!

I guess I don't have to say anything much about Jason Momoa. I'm not sure how he can be human; and he might have impregnate me & everyone else. Even the boys. If one man can make mpreg real, it's him :X lol

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... and with my bexdebex ♥ ♥ ♥
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fangirling like it's 2003

“Why Bilbo Baggins?
Perhaps it is because I am afraid, and he gives me courage.”

jflsjfksd I didn't cry all the creys I cried during the first trailer; but this one really shows the fun side of The Hobbit and it's fucking perfect!!!

Just looook how amazingly perfect Watson Bilbo is????

To ever think that I once ranted and ranted how I didn't want anything Sherlock in my Tolkien ever; and now here I am; one second away from shipping Bilbo with Smaug (lol) and just soo sooo happy to have Martin & Benedict in the Tolkien family ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Can I tell you how much chills it gives me to hear Galadriel call Gandalf Mithrandir??
One of my fave moments in LotR is when she calls Aragorn Elessar and this is in same league now.
I think mostly I like that the movies don't dumb it down for the unworthy part of audience and PJ is not afraid to do stuff like that; calling people by their other names without explenation etc ... I don't know where I'm going with this; just know that it makes my heart happy xDDD

And Gandalf saying "Home is now behind you, the world is ahead" - which you know, are they motherfucking words of this horribly heartbreaking fucking song Pippin sings to Denethor in Return of the King

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(no subject)

I have this huuuge pile of unread books here; and I don't get to read a single page because I've completely fallen in love with fanfics again. And it's all the fault of the Sherlock fandom *damn you*

I love all the usual tropes and I'm so impressed how good many people are able to write Sherlock's voice because I could never... and I love the AU's and I admire that people can write Mycroft/Lestrade pr0n without vomiting and I'll never ever wanna be without all those feelings that I feel.

Last week I read "Alone On The Water".
I haven't cried that much since the QaF Brian/Justin cancer!fics back in the day. It felt like someone RIPPED MY HEART OUT AND FORCE FEED A PUPPY WITH IT THAT THEN DIED.
I still have not recovered, I will send the author my therapy bills.
But I think I get now why sorion doesn't want to read death!fics.

My only hope of getting back to normal is that I think I'm basically done with reading all the really epic looong fics, so I can maybe get back soon to those babies:

But until then, I'm going to read Omega!fics and worse shamelessly on the train to work, feeling watched by everyone around me.
Time to pack my suitcase for an extended stay in Hell.

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(no subject)

Guess where dreamhunter , queendaeva & I had lunch in Berlin yesterday?

Yes, at the place where this magic happened a while ago:

The food was really good; no wonder KStew got all hot & bothered xDDD

We were in Berlin for the premiere of "Total Recall" because dreamhunter is the biggestest Colin Farrell fan on earth; and I have nothing else to do with my life :X lol (and obviously because I can now blackmail her into going to every Tom Hiddleston event ever with me ^__^ )

We were pretty ace during the whole thing; managed to get autographs, pictures and actual tickets to go into the movie. CINEMA FOR FREE YAY!! They had free booze & food, but no popcorn wtf?! The only downer LOL

In other news, this is my life right now:

The fandom has been taking over my brain / my TV / my Kindle / my youtube / my everything / ...

And the weirdest thing is happening, because for the very first time I don't care who tops and who bottoms in fics. You all know how important "gender roles" are for all my other pairings; but something about Sherlock and John makes me forget even that. The end must be near.

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(no subject)

Is this God's evil plan to suck me into One Direction or what?!

Because Cara is my favourite thing in the world.
Back when she still modeled for ASOS I used to buy all the stuff she wore for them; because I wanted to look just like her LOL
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meme time

stolen from steinsgrrl & hexenhasel cuz it sounds like fun!

Leave the name of an actor, actress, fandom, tv series, movie, book, musicia, song, animal, vegetable, mineral, or ANYTHING in comments. I will then tell you an UNPOPULAR opinion I have of that person/thing.

... plz also notice my beeee-autiful new icon ♥ ;D